7CRASH roses 17SS 主題為「南非假期」,靈感來自環遊世界各地的都市旅人,為尋找原始與自身的源頭,重新探索新的自我而來到彩虹之國南非,以優雅堅定的姿態接受旅程中所帶來的挑戰,帶著剛柔並濟的浪漫思維也是7CRASH roses的精髓,如玫瑰優雅柔美、帶刺的堅定,恣意綻放深層靈魂的野性,在這神秘又狂野的國度一同呼著口號: 「Let’s go wild!」

本季以全新手法詮釋品牌擅長的印花圖騰,像打翻顏料一般恣意混搭色彩翻玩想像。非洲大地的乾裂與蛇紋相融合、一望無際的藍天映照在遷徙的群鳥上,奔馳累了的斑馬成群在溪邊悠然飲水,春天盛開的花海在旱季彷彿黑白夢境恢復成一片荒漠,最後結束在與舊金山藝術家「JOAN DAVIS」聯手創作的自然畫布系列,以非洲草原的夕照為靈感,運用沁藍、橘紅、粉桃、草綠等筆刷渲染,以油畫筆觸的方式營造出日落時的水中波影, 華麗卻不過於張揚的柔和色彩,徜徉在如畫般夢幻而遼闊的世界。


令人眼睛為之一亮的是,本季也首次與童裝品牌「Little People」聯名打造系列服飾,將系列印花轉換到童裝,如同孩子筆下的手繪創作,天真無畏的揮灑繽紛顏料,再搭配Little People充滿童趣的墨鏡系列,既融合了7CRASH時尚元素,又不失兒童的純真爛漫,讓親子能攜手與7CRASH roses 17SS系列一同前進南非度假!

7CRASH roses 17SS collection “ South-Africa Vacation " is inspired by the city travelers , who come to find the original and to re-explore the new self in the South Africa. Accepting all the challenge in the journey with an elegant stance, just like the grace and stability stand for the roses also as the essence of 7CRASH roses, and spreading the wild nature deep in mind, the city travelers shout out the slogans:” Let’s go wild!” together in this mysterious and wild country.

The seasonal printings are interpreted with a new way, mixing colors like tipping pigments to try to break through the creative blocks. The Africa Mode Series integrate the crack of the earth with the snake pattern ; The Chidori Totem Series represent the endless blue sky shone on the migratory birds; The Sketch Zebra Series picture the thirsty zebras flock in the stream; The Gardenia Series bloom in th spring suddenly turn into black and white in the desert as if in a dream. The collection ends with the co-work project created by San Francisco artists "JOAN DAVIS" , which taken the sunset in South-African grasslands as inspiration. Rendering acid blue, orange, pink peach,and grass green with brush strokes to create the glow in water with the setting sun, and to build the striking and picturesque world using the gorgeous but soft colors.

The silhouettes of the spring and summer collection emphasis on figure flattering, like crop tops match the wild-legs pants in women’s wear, and neat shoulder line match slim waistline and ankle-length pants in men’s wear. Choosing the natural materials as tencel blend of fiber, silk, chiffon and other fabrics to emphasize the texture of luster, and adding the rouge elements with eyelet, jump rings and string, the designers create the collection for the urban men and women who want to look elegant but unique. While emphasizing the neat cutting in the delicate materials, 7CRASH 17SS collection also gives new soft elements in the silhouettes.

Another highlight of this season is the crossover with the children's clothing brand "Little People”. Using the printing of 7CRASH roses 17SS in the children's clothing, as if the children's hand-painted creation made by the innocent children, and match the Little People’s playful sunglasses series, the collection combines the fashion elements of 7CRASH without losing the innocence of children, so that parents and kids go on the South Africa vacation with 7CRASH roses 17SS collection!